Consumerism and Transparency

Consumerism and Transparency: Building Patient Loyalty and Managing Brand Reputation

Health care consumers increasingly use social media and online review sites to decide where to seek care, and they share their experiences. In this increasingly consumer-driven marketplace, leading organizations are monitoring and analyzing patient feedback across social data and survey comments to manage brand and reputation and improve patient experience. They are also publishing patient experience data on their web sites to take control of the online conversation. A holistic patient engagement strategy, involving both marketing and patient experience leaders, can result in: 

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  • Heightened provider accountability and improved performance
  • Increased patient loyalty, patient acquisition and market share growth
  • Online engagement of health care consumers


Press Ganey® Consumer Analytics, powered by Binary Fountain, provides a single platform to analyze patient feedback and comments from online sources and patient experience surveys. Marketers gain actionable insights from online reviews and comments about the organization and physicians to help manage brand and reputation. Patient experience leaders gain context and meaning from comments in patient experience surveys.

  • Powerful social listening captures, interprets and distills online activity into deep insights
  • Health care-specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine identifies sentiment, key themes and trends and quickly identifies concerns in patient feedback from both online and social media sources by categorizing feedback into operational domains
  • Closed-loop engagement tools streamline marketing responses to consumers on third-party sites, enable direct interaction with consumers and allow sharing of comments internally to reinforce positive behavior and drive improvement


Press Ganey offers a comprehensive and rigorous transparency solution with unique features designed to drive caregiver accountability, build brand and achieve patient loyalty.

  • Census-Based Surveying delivers scientifically rigorous data to encourage physician buy-in and assure patients of reliable reviews
  • Simplified implementation via data file transfer including Press Ganey’s patient experience ratings and comments
  • Leading technology platform displays physician performance through a standardized rating system
  • Seamless integration achieved through an application-programming interface (API), powered by Binary Fountain, for time saving and consistency
  • Advisory services assess readiness, help build internal processes, promote physician buy-in and guide ongoing improvement.


The Press Ganey Seal of Integrity accompanies the presentation of patient experience stars and comments to certify data validity and objectivity to providers, physicians and patients. The measures have been tested in national validation studies to ensure reliability, predictive validity and construct validity. By displaying the Seal of Integrity, organizations proudly acknowledge that data meets scientifically-rigorous standards are certified to meet the following requirements:

  • 100% validation of patient responses
  • Compliance with the Press Ganey Star Rating methodology 
  • Assurance of 30 or more survey returns per provider
  • Complete reporting of every survey response
  • Posting of all comments; suppressing or redacting only those containing confidential or libelous information, or with feedback unrelated to the physician or patient’s experience during the visit


To ensure reliable and scientifically rigorous data with consistent presentation across the industry, Press Ganey has established Transparency Standards and Guidelines to guide both internal and external transparency initiatives across care settings. Standardization helps drive learning and improvement, and protects the integrity of provider ratings across the health care system.

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