Census-Based Surveying (Medical Practice/Ambulatory)

Achieving Patient Loyalty Across Your Practice

At the cornerstone of our Patient Experience solutions, Press Ganey’s census-based surveying™ approach harnesses the power of email to capture the voice of every patient. Census-based surveying offers organizations an optimal delivery system (in combination with phone or mail) that yields deeper data to drive advanced analytics and meaningful insights – more accurately identifying targeted performance improvement opportunities. Adding an electronic mode allows for rapid collection of survey data provides you with real-time insights allowing you to quickly identify and address opportunities.

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Press Ganey provides a comprehensive survey approach to help you capture robust data to meet patient needs. We will partner with you to create a survey strategy that aligns with your organization’s data needs and strategic goals.

  • Comprehensive suite of surveys to capture robust data to meet patient needs. Combination of flexible and innovative medical practice and integrated CAHPS surveys with a (new) abbreviated survey to capture information across the care experience.
  • The right survey at the right time. We guide sampling strategies to get the robust data you need while minimizing survey burden or potential fatigue with multiple surveys to the same patient over time.
  • Combination of modes to reach your patients. Support for mobile eSurveys with invitation via email, mail and phone as well as real-time point of care surveys. Text link for eSurvey targeted for 2017.
  • Deep insights. All data in one powerful, unified platform that structures patient feedback for deep analysis and targeted insights to drive performance improvement, operational excellence and a high-reliability foundation.

As patients become more active participants in their care decisions, practices must understand performance at the provider level and be prepared to share performance data through transparency initiatives. Further creating challenges, new CAHPS requirements and the proposed Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) are driving greater accountability for performance improvement. For medical practices, outpatient and ambulatory surgery providers to achieve patient loyalty in today’s competitive environment, they must embrace the importance of responding to consumerism and improving performance.

Press Ganey’s Patient Experience solutions capture patient perspectives across settings including physician offices, medical practices, outpatient and ambulatory settings for continuous improvement. Press Ganey is also certified to help you meet PQRS and ACO CAHPS regulatory reporting requirements in the near term, and Press Ganey plans to become certified to administer the MIPS CAHPS survey in the future. We also offer a voluntary OAS CAHPS program to help organizations prepare for future mandatory implementation. When it comes to improving the patient experience, collecting deeper patient feedback on an on-going basis provides a better understanding of performance against key drivers to build physician buy-in, improve patient loyalty, support performance transparency and protect and grow market share.

Key Benefits

• Unmatched benchmarking: Press Ganey offers the largest national medical practice, ambulatory settings and CGCAHPS database for peer comparisonswith more than 200,000 physicians representing more than 68 specialtieshelping you understand how your practice and physicians are performing relative to peers.

• Physician-level insights on ongoing basis: An ongoing approach enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement, maximize the number of surveys for significant sample sizes and improve performance on the annual CAHPS survey in order to optimize financial performance.

• Comprehensive online reporting: Focus your improvement efforts by understanding opportunities by site, specialty, provider and more. Press Ganey’s online reporting tool offers an executive overview as well as an in-depth, drill-down capabilityto support accountability across your practice.

Census-based surveying to increase your insights: By using a combination of email and mail or phone methodologies, we can help you reach your entire patient population and increase feedback.

• Expertise to help you improve: Patient Experience Advisors will partner with you to help drive improvement of the patient experience in your organization in the areas that matter most to your overall performance.