Census-Based Surveying (Post Acute Care)

Improve Care Transitions and Performance in the Post-Acute Care Setting

The experience you create for patients and their families will affect their decision to return for future care and their perception of your entire organization—as well as the hospitals and systems that refer patients to your care. By capturing and analyzing patient and family perceptions of your service, you will understand performance relative to peers, uncover opportunities to improve performance and guide improvement initiatives to better meet the needs of your community.

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Press Ganey post-acute care solutions support CAHPS reporting requirements along with proprietary survey items that measure quality of care to support ongoing measurement and improvement. Performance measurement and improvement initiatives help drive quality of patient care, a higher quality work environment, enhanced reputation and, ultimately, bottom line.

Key Benefits

For more than a decade, Press Ganey has partnered with hospice and home health organizations to improve care delivery and offer these added benefits: 

• Expertise to help you improve your performance: Work with Patient Experience Advisors who have a proven track record helping organizations identify opportunities for improvement in key areas, and Account Managers who will help customize the surveys to meet your specific needs.

• Easy-to-use online reporting: Access powerful electronic reports with the ability to look at high-level summary quantitative and qualitative data or to drill-down for a detailed view to identify opportunities for improvement.

Deeper insights: Gain an in depth understanding of your performance through surveys that invite written comments and enhance the actionable nature of your information.


Hospices must create a positive experience aimed at meeting patients’ needs while reducing the suffering associated with the physical pain, fear and anxiety associated with illness, as well as end of life concerns.  Effective Oct. 17, 2014, Press Ganey is a CMS approved vendor for the Hospice CAHPS survey. Press Ganey’s unique integrated Hospice and HCAHPS survey includes a staff compassion module that captures leading indicators of HPCAHPS performance.


Home Health and HHCAHPS

Assure patients, family members, as well as referring hospitals and health systems that patient-centered care and care coordination is a top priority. Use Press Ganey’s integrated Home Health and HHCAHPS survey to meet regulatory requirements and capture deeper insights to create a better patient experience.