Improve Your Emergency Department Market Perception By Focusing On The Patient Experience

Whether a patient is admitted as an inpatient or discharged directly, the experience in the emergency department has noteworthy influence over how your hospital is perceived within your market. Patients talk about their emergency department experience to their friends, families and communities. Providing a positive patient experience can translate into patient loyalty for future health care visits and referrals.

Press Ganey’s Emergency Department solution helps address common ED challenges including overcrowding, limited staffing and extended wait times. It also uncovers additional areas for opportunity, helping you focus your improvement efforts. Our Patient Experience Advisors bring expertise and best practice insight into helping clients gain physician buy-in and deliver consistent patient-centered care. 

Understanding and Improving the ED Experience

Used by over 1,700 hospitals, the Press Ganey Emergency Department Solution, supported by relevant benchmarks, detailed drill-downs and the expertise of Patient Experience Advisors, provides ongoing insights for targeted performance improvement. Press Ganey’s ED-specific tools and resources put the power of improvement in the hands of the right people throughout your organization—allowing everyone to play an active role in quality improvement.

Prepare for EDCAHPS

CMS contracted with RAND Corporation to develop and test the EDCAHPS survey. Press Ganey was pleased to support several of our clients which were invited to participate in the official testing process. At this time we anticipate the earliest projected implementation of the EDCAHPS program  by CMS would be sometime in 2016.

Press Ganey’s psychometrically-tested Emergency Department solution is focused on continuous measurement and can help your organization prepare and potentially score higher on the future CAHPS survey. Start now to gain insights to address any deficiencies early and place your hospital in a strong position to perform better when the official EDCAHPS survey is implemented. 

Press Ganey EDCAHPS Pilot Program: Position Your Hospital For Success

Take the first steps toward early success by capturing meaningful ED insights to drive results. To build understanding and drive quality improvement, Press Ganey’s EDCAHPS Pilot Program combines EDCAHPS questions taken from CMS’ proposed official community discharge test survey with proven Press Ganey ED patient experience survey questions, providing key insights on wait times, family and friends, pain, tests, nurses, doctors, overall ratings and discharge. It’s easy to get started and organizations can begin to see data in just one quarter.