Census-Based Surveying (Acute Care)

Press Ganey’s census-based surveying approach in acute care harnesses technology to capture the voice of every patient.

Research has shown patients provide valuable insight for assessing the overall quality of care delivered in acute care settings. As this area becomes a higher priority, it is even more essential to evaluate patients’ perspective of their experience to help your organization focus its improvement efforts and rise above the competition.

Press Ganey Offers Census Based Surveying for a Variety of Acute Care Settings

Press Ganey offers the largest comparative patient feedback database containing real-time data to help you understand and improve patient experience with meaningful benchmarking and actionable data. In addition, we provide flexible options to meet current CAHPS requirements and prepare for future regulatory programs - asking perception of care questions to identify with greater precision the underlying issues.

Our solutions are designed to drive targeted and sustainable improvement across the continuum of care, including: