Hospice Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems Survey

Added on Jul 15, 2015

Hospice CAHPS

The Hospice CAHPS Survey was designed to measure and assess the experiences of patients who die while receiving hospice care, by surveying their informal primary caregivers. All hospice agencies serving Medicare beneficiaries will be required to contract with an approved survey vendor to conduct a dry run of the Hospice CAHPS Survey for at least one month of decedents from January 2015, February 2015, or March 2015; the dry run surveys will take place in April, May or June 2015.  Non-compliance with the CMS directive could cost agencies up to 2% of their Medicare reimbursement dollars. 

Press Ganey is a CMS approved vendor for the Hospice CAHPS survey and is eligible to execute contracts with hospice agencies. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on this important CMS initiative.

Press Ganey has extensive experience helping health care organizations prepare for and satisfy CAHPS public reporting requirements. As the largest CAHPS administrator in the country, partnering with more than 3,000 clients on HCAHPS, HHCAHPS, CGCAHPS and ACO CAHPS, we are well-positioned to be your partner on this important CAHPS initiative.

You may find additional information on the Hospice CAHPS requirements here.

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