Added on Jul 24, 2015

The experience you create for your hospice patients and their families is critical to your reputation and, ultimately, your bottom line. Hospices, like all other health care organizations, must focus on creating a positive experience aimed at meeting patients’ needs while reducing their suffering. This involves not only the physical pain and disability that accompany illness, but also the fear and anxiety associated with illness and, for hospice patients and families, their end of life concerns.

Press Ganey’s proprietary psychometrically sound Hospice survey measures quality of care, which allows for ongoing measurement and improvement. Press Ganey’s Hospice survey captures information around key themes: arranging hospice care and communication with the hospice office, experience with the hospice team, and their attention to personal issues. Ongoing measurement helps you understand your patients’ family’s perspective of their care, as well as your performance relative to peers.

By capturing and analyzing family perceptions of your service, you will uncover opportunities for performance improvement. You can then act by implementing initiatives to better meet the needs of your patients and their families and create an experience that differentiates your hospice organization from the competition.


For more than a decade, we have partnered with hospice organizations to improve their delivery of care and offer these added benefits:

  • Expertise to help you improve your performance: Our Patient Experience Advisors have a proven track record helping organizations identify opportunities for improvement in key areas.
  • Survey Customization:  Press Ganey’s Account Management team will work with you to customize the survey to meet your specific needs.
  • State-of-the-art online reporting: You will have access to easy-to-read electronic reports and the ability to look at high level summary quantitative and qualitative data or to drill-down for detail to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Deeper insights:  You will achieve an in depth understanding of your performance through surveys that invite written comments and enhance the actionable nature of your information.

As new regulatory programs begin to impact your reimbursement, we can also help you prepare for Hospice CAHPS.

Effective October 17, 2014, Press Ganey is a CMS approved vendor for the Hospice CAHPS survey and is eligible to execute contracts with hospice agencies.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on this important CMS initiative. You may find additional information within Research and Resources.