Compass One Healthcare Trains Support Staff in Patient Experience Best Practices

Added on Jan 24, 2019

​Compass One Healthcare Educates Support Staff on Patient Experience Best Practices
By Audrey Doyle

As health systems increasingly realize that factors such as cleanliness of the environment and food quality—while not drivers of patient experience—can positively or negatively influence their ability to meet patients’ needs, they’re turning their attention to these service lines, and their expectations are high.

For this reason, in 2014 Compass One began an exclusive partnership with Press Ganey to better understand the role that highly engaged nonclinical support staff play in improving the care experience for patients, their families, physicians, nurses and other clinical staff. Today the company trains its associates in patient experience best practices and implements several workforce engagement programs to ensure that they feel connected to their work and passionate about the contributions they make to the patient care experience.

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