Press Ganey Performance Case Studies for Medical Practices and Ambulatory Settings

Learn how other Press Ganey medical practice and ambulatory care setting clients overcame obstacles and implemented solutions that improved performance and success.

  • How an Academic Medical Group Met the Challenge of Service Excellence

    OU Physicians, Oklahoma's largest physicians group, adopted Press Ganey's medical practice survey solution – Patient Visit InsightsSM – in 2007. The first survey results reinforced for leaders that though its specialized, multidisciplinary care was of the highest quality, consumers still thought of the broader enterprise as the old state teaching hospital for indigent care and not the first choice for medical treatment. The survey results served as a wake-up call that helped spark a performance improvement initiative spanning the entire medical enterprise of the OU Physicians clinics and the other medical facilities at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. A new program called EXCEL established new standards of employee behavior that placed a premium on customer service and high-quality treatment. These standards were linked to measurable goals which were, in turn, linked to financial incentives, a relationship that gave everyone a stake in the game, from the entry-level clinic staffer to the top physician. (2011)

  • Prevea Health Delivers as Promised

    Prevea Health, a multispecialty physician group practice at 17 locations in northeastern Wisconsin, partnered with Press Ganey to improve patient satisfaction in 2006. Its first quarterly report revealed, among other disappointing metrics, that patients viewed the mailed bill more positively than the nursing staff. Prevea Health worked with Press Ganey to develop a five-year customer service plan based on accountability and process improvement and a complete restructuring of the patient experience by 2011. By the end of the first year, every team had achieved across-the-board improvement, with many exceeding set goals. (2010)

  • Enhancing the Patient Experience as a Key to the Healing Mission

    In 2008, Florida Physicians Medical Group in Orlando, Fla., had no formal process for measuring or improving patient satisfaction. Its leaders began to discuss how to formalize the assessment of customer service. Having so many practice locations spread out over a large geographic region, each with its own legacy modes of behavior, meant the challenge wasn't a small one. After engaging Press Ganey, FPMG's employees and its patient satisfaction team have focused diligently on the patient experience, and the work has paid off in a much higher scores and percentile ranking. (2010)

  • Toward the Efficient Medical Practice: Physicians Gaining Greater Patient Satisfaction Through Process Changes

    Providing high-quality care and service is critical to keeping patients satisfied and loyal. In the medical practice setting, achieving those goals involves identifying process improvements — such as scheduling, patient flow and improved communication — that hold the greatest promise for increasing patient satisfaction. A small but growing number of practices are going further, looking to reorganize into the medical home model of care. This case study examines the experiences of three practices that have successfully implemented some of these changes to improve their delivery of patient-centered care. (2009)

  • Medical Practice Top Improvers – A Resource of Innovations and Best Practices

    Learn about Press Ganey clients that made significant medical practice changes and experienced dramatic increases in patient satisfaction scores. (2007)


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