Quick Reports in the Press Ganey Improvement Portal®

Whether you want an executive overview of your organization’s current performance, to trend performance on survey measures or to view side-by-side comparisons to identify high and low performers, Quick Reports let you quickly and easily monitor the patient satisfaction metrics most important to you – right on your home page.

Trend Quick Reports

With Trend Quick Reports you can quickly and easily monitor performance trends for key survey measures. Whether you’re a unit manager who wants to track your unit’s performance on top priority items or a provider at a medical practice who wants to track his own performance on specific survey measures, Trend Quick Reports enable you to monitor progress toward your goals. Aligned improvement resources for the measures you are tracking are just a click away – allowing you to quickly focus your time and energy on driving improvement.

Trend Quick Report

Comparison Quick Reports

Comparison Quick Reports provide side-by-side comparisons allowing you to quickly identify high and low performers on a single measure. With aligned individual improvement opportunities for each group or individual included in the comparison, you can identify specific priorities for low performers, providing a sharper focus for driving improvement. Whether you are a patient experience director who wants to compare HCAHPS performance for all inpatient units or a provider who wants to assess his personal provider rating for each site where he practices, Comparison Quick Reports enable you to effectively make comparisons and identify top improvement opportunities.

Comparison Quick Report

Performance Summary Quick Report

With the Performance Summary Quick Report, it takes only a matter of seconds to pinpoint where you stand against other facilities on key performance areas. That’s because the Performance Summary Quick Report graphics provide impactful and visually concise views of your organization’s performance.

Set targets and see benchmarking based on Press Ganey's proprietary database – the largest real-time HCAHPS and patient satisfaction database in the country – or on CMS public databases. Visual elements direct you to what needs attention and drill-down capabilities enable you to investigate satisfaction and clinical performance details. Whether you’re talking to the board or front-line staff, it has never been easier to provide valuable insight into your organization’s current performance.

Performance Quick Report

Instant Resources

With Quick Reports, users can quickly evaluate 10 improvement opportunities and immediately access resources including online action plans, improvement resources and discussions in the Community. The Press Ganey Improvement Portal (patent pending) always keeps you connected to performance.

Improvement Opportunities chart

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