Capturing Physician Voice to Improve Engagement and Alignment

Within the evolving landscape of health care - an environment with increasing demand for coordinated care, new organizational structures and value-based payment models - building strong physician relations is pivotal to achieving success. Strong physician engagement and alignment can lead to better patient experiences and quality of patient care. Conversely,when physicians leave, become disengaged or are not aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, and values, the impact can be felt throughout the care delivery process. Organizations that meaningfully engage and collaborate with physicians and physician leadership are on the most direct path to deliver exceptional patient experiences and outcomes.

Press Ganey’s Physician VoiceTM solution deepens your understanding and help strengthen partnership with physicians to improve top strategic issues.

Measuring and Managing Key Drivers of Engagement and Alignment

The Physician Voice survey assesses the key drivers of engagement and alignment among physicians in four primary domains, including measurement of perceptions and attitudes toward:

  • Leadership performance of health system administration;
  • State of the organization; and,
  • Performance of key departments and staff.

By measuring and looking at a multi-dimensional view across these drivers, the survey provides deep insights into strengths and opportunities to make the most significant impact. Press Ganey’s Physician Voice solution is built on nearly three decades of employee and physician research and enables organizations with insights to drive rapid improvement in relationships with your physician organization, by:

  • Capturing physician feedback in one survey across the unique care settings where they practice;
  • Driving clarity around engagement of physician groups and alignment with leadership objectives; and,
  • Providing best-in-class benchmarking specific to the health care industry.

Consistent Capture of Physician Feedback Across Complex Organizations

Press Ganey offers a flexible survey approach that captures physician perspectives across physician categories and work in multiple settings within the organization – capturing the physicians’ hospital experience, clinic experience and referring experiences with the health system.

An experienced Press Ganey advisor helps blueprint your organization and incorporate relevant survey content, including additional survey modules, such as safety, to increase survey efficiency. The facility and clinic name are included within survey questions to ensure that physicians are providing insights connected to a specific setting. Once data collection is complete, Press Ganey provides a precise understanding of physicians, advanced primary practitioners, and residents with insights related to each of your hospital and clinic settings.

Evaluate Both Engagement and Alignment

Though often used synonymously in the industry, engagement and alignment are not interchangeable. Engagement measures physician’s appraisal of their work environment, emotional experiences, and attachment to workplace. A highly engaged physician may be content with day-to-day, patient-facing activities, but resisting organizational change and preventing his department from attaining key goals. This describes an engaged physician who is not aligned with his organization.

Alignment measures the extent to which a physician feels a strong partnership or connection with the organization's leadership. By measuring both engagement and alignment organizations gain insight into if your physicians are likely to stay, as well as if they will support your strategic initiatives.


Press Ganey’s Employee and Physician Voice solutions are powered by an intuitive, web-based results-delivery system that guides health care leaders to top opportunities within just a few clicks. The Results Delivery platform displays the most meaningful metrics for senior leaders, including item scores, strengths and concerns, key drivers, and domain scores for leadership, organization, department, and staff.

Robust Benchmarking

Press Ganey's Physician Voice solution provides detailed views of benchmarks by physician and organizational attributes within a competitive set that includes:

  • More than 45% of U.S. News & World Reports "Honor Roll Hospitals"
  • Five Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipients
  • More than 50% of Child Health Corporation of America (now CHA) organizations
  • More than 60 University Healthcare System Consortium Members

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