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Press Ganey health care consultants help organizations design, implement and sustain comprehensive patient experience strategies that reduce patient suffering, engage stakeholders and build compassionate connected care systems. Our approach brings together expertise focused on organizational culture, change management and operational efficiency - all powered by Press Ganey’s deep data and analytics capabilities. Each customized, data-driven engagement focuses on the impact that specific behaviors and initiatives have on business outcomes. Our consulting experts integrate targeted, evidence-based solutions to help your organization:

  • Understand how expectations shape patients’ evaluations of their health care experiences
  • Design systems and practices to address patient expectations, including identifying the areas where you are currently failing to meet expectations
  • Implement practices to manage patient expectations
  • Customize practices in response to your patients' unique expectations

Improving the Key Drivers Of Better Patient Experiences

Press Ganey’s experts will help assess your organization's current performance, analyze historic barriers to improvement and work with your leaders to develop and implement sustainable actions to improve the drivers of exceptional patient experiences. Our strategic process focuses on five key drivers of organizations that deliver exceptional patient experiences:

  • Engaged and passionate leadership in the right jobs, with the right skill and the passion and courage to always put the patient first.
  • Safe, patient & family focused care culture that is fostered and nurtured by leadership.
  • Compassionate, inspired caregivers empowered to meet patient needs and reduce suffering.
  • Aligned stakeholders supported by internal systems that align employee and provider goals and incentives with organizational goals – ensuring that everyone is working toward a shared goal of providing exceptional patient experiences.
  • Reliable care and business processes that support success.


Diagnostic Assessment
When you need to focus on specific areas of performance, the Press Ganey consulting group can help prioritize and drive improvement strategies within your organization. This 360-degree assessment uses data analysis, interviews with stakeholders and observation of interactions and processes within the organization to identify top opportunities for improvement and the strategies related to those opportunities that will improve the patient experience. Our team will examine challenges across a wide range of key performance areas and recommend actions that will help you achieve your strategic goals.
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Patient Experience Strategy™
The Patient Experience Strategy consulting solution offers a structured program that brings together Press Ganey experts with hospital leadership teams to develop a patient-centered environment with employees and physicians who are empowered and motivated to deliver a world-class experience to every patient.
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Care Rounds™
To strengthen the practice of hourly rounding into a strategic, high-value element of standard of care, Press Ganey offers our unique Care Rounds™ approach. This innovative and clinically-meaningful approach to patient/family-centric rounding provides a practical process including sustainability training and coaching to empower leaders to be highly effective change agents.

Care Rounds™ incorporates manager training inspired by a performance analysis framework, the Five Keys to Sustainable Skills Transfer, and helps address key questions around staff performance and behavior.
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Stakeholder Engagement Strategy™
Identify underlying issues and concerns within an organization’s culture and rely on our expertise in organizational development to drive change. Press Ganey consultants partner with your organization using a proven approach to establish an open environment, facilitate honest conversations, identify root causes, and develop solutions that staff and physicians can own and support.

Service Behaviors Optimizer™
Cultivate positive behaviors among your organizations front-line staff, physicians and managers by taking advantage of the methods we have cultivated through extensive work and research with health care organizations across the country. We have developed a curriculum around the service behaviors that we know will most impact the patient’s experience, and therefore provide the best ROI for your training dollars.

Patient Throughput™
Reduce wait times and improve patient experience by maximizing efficiency and safety from admission to discharge. Expand capacity without increasing capital or labor expenses.
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