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Whether your goal is to improve clinical quality and operational efficiency, strengthen alignment and relationships with stakeholders, or improve patient satisfaction and engagement, the Press Ganey Consulting Group has the solution to focus on your most challenging areas of performance.

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When you need to focus on specific areas of performance, the Press Ganey consulting group can be your partner to help prioritize and drive improvement strategies.

Diagnostic Assessment – This 360-degree assessment uses data analysis, interviews with stakeholders and observation of interactions and processes within the organization to identify your top opportunities for improvement and the strategies related to those opportunities that will improve both patient experience and operations. Our team will examine challenges across a wide range of key performance areas and recommend actions that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

Improve Patient Experience, Culture and Stakeholder Alignment

Patient Experience StrategyTM – Create a patient-centered environment where employees and physicians are empowered and motivated to deliver a world-class experience to every patient. This comprehensive, strategic improvement program is ideal for hospitals that want to improve the patient experience throughout the organization in a systemic way.

Cultural StrategyTM – Identify underlying issues and concerns within an organization’s culture and rely on our expertise in organizational development to drive change. Press Ganey’s consultants partner with your organization using a proven approach to establish an open environment, facilitate honest conversations, identify root causes, and develop solutions that staff and physicians can own and support.

Maximize Clinical Efficiency and Productivity

Whether the focus is on the operating room, emergency department or other high-volume and resource-intense areas, our team can help you improve productivity to reduce wait times, expand capacity without increasing capital or labor expenses, maximize efficiency and improve patient satisfaction – from admission to discharge.

  • Patient Flow StrategyTM – Reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction by maximizing patient flow efficiency and safety from admission to discharge. Expand capacity without increasing capital or labor expenses by optimizing patient flow.
  • Emergency Department StrategyTM – Optimize quality and safety while reducing costs and increasing revenue in the emergency department.
  • Operating Room StrategyTM – Ensure that your operating room consistently runs at the highest level of efficiency and productivity. Our team will look at overall OR efficiency or work with you to tackle your greatest OR challenge, whether it’s improving scheduling, reducing wait time, managing materials more efficiently or boosting staff satisfaction.
  • Cardiac Cath Lab StrategyTM – Increase revenue and physician, staff and patient satisfaction by implementing proven processes that maximize the efficiency, organization and utilization of your cardiac cath lab.

Improve Payment and Reimbursement

Prioritize areas for improvement that will positively affect payments and the bottom line.

  • Value-Based Purchasing AssessmentTM – Our team will assess your VBP scores and work with your organization to align your performance improvement and organizational objectives, prioritize opportunities that will positively affect the bottom line, evaluate the resource investment required to affect improvement at the measure level, and ultimately improve quality measures, clinical outcomes and HCAHPS performance.
  • Core Measures AssessmentTM – Assess the gaps in your quality measures performance under VBP. This service prioritizes those strategies that improve overall Core Measure compliance and increase reimbursement.

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