Ask Us to Speak at Your Health Care Facility or Industry Event

Press Ganey experts are available to speak at client facilities and industry conferences and events. Our speakers draw on Press Ganey national data to evaluate important trends in different health care settings and offer insightful strategies and best practices for improvement.

View upcoming speaking engagements (below).

Press Ganey speakers are well-versed in a wide range of topics. Some of the most popular topics include:

  • Public reporting: Patient satisfaction as a competitive advantage in the era of health care transparency.
  • Physician partnership: Driving organizational results through hospital-physician alignment.
  • Employee partnership: Key drivers of organizational success.
  • Medical practice satisfaction: The ROI of patient-centered care in physicians' offices.
  • Home health satisfaction: Improving clinical outcomes through a focus on patient satisfaction.
  • Patient Flow Optimization: Learn how the Press Ganey comprehensive solution for patient flow optimization takes a hands-on operational approach to solving patient flow issues.
  • Sentiment analysis: The translation of human emotion into hard data.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Vulnerable Patients are Linked to Poorer Experience and Higher Readmission

Alice Li, Jacob Cheng, Dennis Kaldenberg
Oral Presentation, APHA, Chicago, 11/03/2015


Effectiveness of Various Variable Importance Methods in A Case Study of Highly Correlated Predictors

Jacob Cheng, Allen Chen, Alice Li
Poster Presentation, APHA, Chicago, 11/03/2015

Comparing Clustering Algorithms and Transformation Methods for Categorical Data

Tingting Zhang, Jacob Cheng
Poster Presentation, Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, 8/12/2015