​Focus Area Descriptions

To assist you as you make your selections, each session is assigned a focus area. This helps you to identify the core focus of that particular session.

gr_sq ​ TRANSFORMING CARE AT THE FRONT LINE: Front-line caregivers are the first point of contact for patients and their families and set the tone for their experience of care. Interactions between front-line caregivers and their patients are critical for optimizing operational efficiency and demonstrating an organization’s commitment to patient- and family-centered care. This track offers sessions that provide actionable insights specific to front-line caregivers and managers for improving the safety, quality and experience of care.

tourq_sq ​ FOCUSED IMPROVEMENT: Health care organizations use deep patient insights to earn patient loyalty, better meet their needs and reduce their suffering. This track features sessions that will help attendees navigate their patient experience data to identify targeted performance improvement opportunities across the care continuum. Participants will walk away with in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, proficiency in the basics of data analysis and a broader understanding of Press Ganey’s dynamic reporting features.

orange_sq ​ ​​ACHIEVING NURSING EXCELLENCE THROUGH NDNQI®: (This track is available in Chicago only)  Nurses make up the largest segment of the health care workforce and spend more time at the bedside than do any other caregiver. It is increasingly apparent to health care organizations that fostering nurse engagement is a strategic imperative for improving patient experience and outcomes. This track offers sessions that explore approaches to building supportive nurse work environments and implementing best practices that are essential to the delivery of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.



gr_sq  If You See Something, Say Something: Creating a Culture that Empowers Staff to Voice their Safety Concerns

Greg Prentiss, MS, Senior Manager, Consulting, Press Ganey
Gordon Smith,
Consultant, Press Ganey

A key to improving patient safety is staff empowerment at the bedside. All staff members need to speak up when they have a safety concern. The presenters will explain the reasons behind why staff do not always report safety events and how to empower them to start reporting. They will also discuss the concepts of power distance and authority gradients and their impact on staff members’ ability to raise their concerns in real time, ways to manage authority gradients, and tools that staff members can use to raise concerns when the authority gradient is steep.


tourq_sq  Leveraging Process Improvement to Support a Sustainable Patient Experience Strategy

Hannah Shipton, M.Ed, MHA, Manager, Press Ganey

This session will outline specific process improvement methods and tools that leaders at all levels can utilize to drive a sustainable patient experience strategy, both organization-wide and in specific departments. The presenter will highlight examples of process improvement tools and concepts that enable tactical improvements, including patient wait times, patient access and standard work for leaders (e.g., rounding). In addition, the presenter will show how a daily management system provides a sustainability framework for specific patient experience metrics and overall alignment to strategic objectives.


orange_sq  It Takes a Village: Shaping the Future of Nursing Through Collaborative Leadership
*Chicago event only

Mary Jo Assi, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, FANN, SVP Clinical Excellence Solutions & Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Press Ganey

The current health care landscape is highly complex and turbulent, presenting many challenges for clinical and operational nurse leaders. With these challenges comes an opportunity for growth and advancement for leaders who are aligned and focused on critical drivers of excellence. Join your colleagues in a dialogue to better understand the forces shaping the future of health care and the strategies that leaders can employ to focus their efforts and achieve great outcomes.


gr_sq  Inspiring and Sustaining Engagement within Front-Line Teams—Leadership Best Practices

Kristy Gay, MHA, Senior Advisor, Press Ganey
Matt Turner
MA, Advisor, Press Ganey

Leading a team to sustainable high performance requires leaders not only to provide clarity, coordination and direction, but also to inspire, motivate and connect to the hearts and minds of their staff daily. Some leaders excel at providing structure and direction, while others are more adept at connecting with their team on a more personal level; all leaders need to do both well. This session will help leaders at all levels hone and refine their skills and thinking related to team performance based on a blend of current research and client best practices.


tourq_sq  Out of the Weeds: How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis, Spreadsheet Stenosis, and Other Data Complications

Kristopher Morgan, PhD, Director of Workforce Analytics, Press Ganey

This exciting session will provide you with the tools to break through analysis paralysis and begin to fully utilize your Press Ganey data. It will equip you with the information, guidance and best practices needed to move the conversation forward, even in the stickiest data discussions. You will receive tips on how to avoid endless analysis tangents and be decisive with your chosen method. After this session, novices will feel comfortable making data decisions and experienced data crunchers will know how to avoid the pitfalls that stall improvement.


orange_sq  Update: NDNQI RN Survey and Indicator Development
*Chicago event only

Nikolas Matthes, MD, PhD, MPH, Vice President, Press Ganey
Emily Cramer, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, University of Kansas School of Nursing

The session focuses on current NDNQI® indicator strategies, including the build-out of indicator offerings in inpatient and other care settings. The presenters will discuss various indicators—some recently developed and others in development—and their relevance to nursing, as well as define the measures and share results from pilot tests, client participation and client feedback. You will leave with a deep understanding of how Press Ganey continues to enhance the content of NDNQI in order to advance your ability to link the nurse practice environment to nurse and patient outcomes.


gr_sq  Listening: The Bedrock to a Strategic Approach to Patient Experience

Esther Wilzbacher, MBA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Philip Loos,
MBA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Shelli Love,
MSCE, Advisor, Press Ganey

It is widely recognized that a critical factor that greatly influences a patient’s perception of their care experience is the degree to which caregivers listened to them. Further, this is true across all care settings. But something that is not as widely acknowledged or known is just how important caregiver listening is to safety, quality and employee engagement—three facets of the care experience essential to providing patients with superior care. The presenters will explore a variety of ways you can make listening a key component of your improvement strategy and a defining characteristic of the people who make that strategy a reality.


tourq_sq  CAHPS and the Regulatory Landscape

Kaycee Galvich, MPP, Director of Policy, Press Ganey

CAHPS regulations continue to expand and evolve. This session will provide an overview of CMS’s expanding use of patient and caregiver experience of care data—as collected through CAHPS surveys—as a key measurement of quality across the continuum of health care. The presenter will share insight on what this means to you, how the role of CAHPS varies across care delivery settings and where CMS might be headed in the future.


orange_sq  Hospital Fall Prevention in 2018, Seeking the Holy Grail?
*Chicago event only

Ronald Shorr, MD, MS, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Florida

The session will focus on the challenges of developing evidence-based strategies to prevent falls in hospitals. The presenter will discuss current practices and opportunities for improvement, and review current risk assessment methods and the evidence supporting the employment of fall prevention strategies.


gr_sq  The Patient’s Kaleidoscope of Care through the Ambulatory Surgery Continuum

Bianca Radney, MBA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Denise Wiseman, PhD, MBA, Advisor, Press Ganey

Patients, their families and their care teams perceive the ambulatory surgery experience through different lenses. With the goal of reducing patient suffering, viewing the experience through the eyes of the patient can guide teams in identifying and preventing avoidable suffering and mitigating inherent suffering. In this session, you will learn proven tactics for proactively addressing the needs of ambulatory surgery patients and their families.


tourq_sq  Engaging Stakeholders in Your Press Ganey Data

Devin LippertMBA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Sally DeAngelis, MEd, Advisor, Press Ganey

As part of your patient experience improvement journey, it is crucial that you develop a focused and dynamic data strategy that meets the needs of your stakeholders. The sharing of data is a critical element of any improvement plan. Different team members (board members, leadership, front-line staff, volunteers) need different types of data to enable them to engage in patient experience improvement efforts. In this session, we will discuss and share examples of meaningful and actionable reporting designed to meet the needs of different types of stakeholders.


orange_sq  Reporting Strategies Workshop
*Chicago event only

Anne Lovelace, BSN, NDNQI Clinical Advisor, Press Ganey

To achieve consistent delivery of high-quality care, you must know how to identify and address improvement opportunities. This workshop will focus on key strategies for utilizing NDNQI® reporting to maximize the insights your quality data can yield. In addition to exploring the relationship between structure, process and outcome, and how this relationship will drive your approach to analyzing root causes of variance in care, you will also have the opportunity to identify best practices in the NDNQI Resource Center.




gr_sq  Food for Thought: Maximizing the Positive Impact Food Can Have on a Patient's Stay

Dusty Deringer, PhD, MS, Vice President of Patient Experience, Compass One Healthcare
Ann Bailey, MBA, Senior Manager, Strategic Consulting, Press Ganey

Food matters. In sickness and in health, it nourishes the body and feeds the soul. And in today’s consumer-driven, value-based health care market, food service represents an important way for health care systems to reduce avoidable suffering and support a nurturing, healing environment. Food service plays a significant, albeit often overlooked, role in caregivers’ promise to deliver safe, high-quality, compassionate patient care. Utilizing research and lessons learned from Compass One Healthcare’s multiyear engagement with Press Ganey, this interactive session will give you strategies and best practices for leveraging your organization’s food service in order to deliver an exceptional experience to your patients.


tourq_sq  Setting Achievable Goals

Angie SmithMHA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Sharon Weiss, MA, Advisor, Press Ganey

As part of your patient experience improvement journey, it is crucial that you develop a focused and dynamic data strategy that meets the needs of your stakeholders. The sharing of data is a critical element of any improvement plan. Different team members (board members, leadership, front-line staff, volunteers) need different types of data to enable them to engage in patient experience improvement efforts. In this session, we will discuss and share examples of meaningful and actionable reporting designed to meet the needs of different types of stakeholders.


orange_sq  Press Ganey and the Magnet Journey
*Chicago event only

Donna Jackson, BSN, MBA-HCM, Advisor, NDNQI, Press Ganey

In this session, you will learn how Press Ganey can support your Magnet journey using NDNQI® data, nurse satisfaction and patient satisfaction survey components required for Magnet application. The presenter will also review the 2019 ANCC Magnet® Manual requirements and how Press Ganey is refining its measurement strategy to meet the new requirements.


gr_sq  Medical Practice Patient Experience: Techniques for Achieving Physician Buy-in

Celeste Nau, Advisor, Press Ganey
Kelsi Remmert, MHSA, Advisor, Press Ganey

Physicians in a medical practice setting play a critical role in shaping the patient experience, and engaging them in the mission is critical to the overall success of the practice. Physician engagement can be achieved through several avenues. In this session, we will discuss various approaches, and equip you with knowledge and techniques that will enable you to educate, involve and, ultimately, inspire the physicians in your practice.


tourq_sq  Making the Most Out of Press Ganey Online

James Gonzalez, MBA, Advisor, Press Ganey
Patrick Tiffany, Advisor, Press Ganey

Press Ganey Online is the powerful reporting tool that allows you to easily access and understand your survey data so you can identify opportunities to improve patient-centered care. In this session, you will learn about its reporting capabilities, the fundamentals of navigating within the tool, and creating efficiencies to streamline and automate the delivery of actionable data. Please note that this is a presentation and discussion session, not a hands-on computer lab.


orange_sq  An Integrated Approach to Improving Workplace Safety for Nurses
*Chicago event only

Meg ColletonRN, Advisor, NDNQI, Press Ganey
Emily Halu, RN, MSN, Consultant, Strategic Consulting, Press Ganey

Health care environments are inherently high-risk environments, and safety measures must be implemented not only for patients but also for caregivers. This session will highlight NDNQI’s new Assaults on Nursing Personnel indicator. NDNQI experts will review the process for developing the indicator and the vision for including it within the NDNQI measure set. In addition, a workplace safety expert will discuss how to employ a comprehensive approach to improving the practice environment for nurses by reducing violence and fostering a culture of safety.