blue_sq   Building Patient-Centered Care
Patient- and family-centered care is defined by the delivery of safe, high-quality care delivered by empathic caregivers. Explore approaches that use deep patient insights to identify patient needs and reduce suffering, facilitate greater accountability, and improve key drivers of superior experiences to earn patient loyalty. Hear successful strategies from top organizations and learn new, proven approaches to driving improvement and delivering caring behaviors in your organization.

blue_sqBuilding Patient-Centered Care in Medical Practices
Explore approaches that use deep patient insights to facilitate greater accountability, drive targeted strategies, improve key drivers of exceptional experiences to earn patient loyalty and present objective performance data for consumer transparency. Speakers from leading organizations will share successful and innovative approaches to driving improvement within your medical practice.

gr_sq   Creating a Culture that Reduces Patient and Caregiver Suffering
To build a strong patient-centered culture, organizations must understand caregiver needs and develop targeted action plans to meet those needs. Speakers will share best practices to help you develop a high-performing workforce characterized by resilience, respect and teamwork. Learn how to foster engagement in the patient experience, pride in the mission and trust in the organization to provide safe, high-quality care.

dk_orange   Delivering Compassionate, Connected Nursing Care
The roles of nursing and nursing leadership are pivotal in reducing patient suffering and improving the patient experience. In these sessions, you’ll explore unique aspects of nursing roles and proven strategies for supporting frontline caregivers. Learn how nursing leaders are developing approaches to deliver what matters most to patients—care coordination, communication and empathy. ​

purple_sqInspiring Physician Leadership and Effectiveness
Increased consumer demand for physician performance results underscores the critical need to understand the physician perspective to improve performance. Presented by physicians, these sessions will focus on approaches to building a collaborative physician culture that drives improved patient experience—including tactics and strategies to actively engage and partner with physicians.

orange_sqDeveloping Excellence and High Reliability in Safety and Quality
Achieving safe, high-quality and efficient value-based care relies on effective nursing strategies, quality improvement programs and a commitment to the goal of zero harm. Without continuous refinement, process failures in these areas may lead to patient suffering and serious harm. Explore this focus area to learn best practices for building a High Reliability culture and improving clinical processes, quality measures and safety outcomes.

ltpurpleSpecial Topic Forums
Join your peers in exploring topics specific to unique patient populations. These special limited seating forums engage attendees in focused discussion and facilitate networking with those of similar interests. Forums are available for home health, post-acute care and dental services. Join for an entire series or just one session to explore these select topics.

red  Making the Most of Press Ganey Solutions, Reporting and Insights
Press Ganey’s solutions offer deep data and targeted insights to drive action. Attend these sessions to learn about the key statistical concepts and Press Ganey tools that provide the foundation for performance improvement. Experts will demonstrate notable features of the tools and share best practices for efficient and effective use of Press Ganey solutions. Advisors and other subject matter experts will be on hand to answer questions and help you optimize Press Ganey resources.


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>Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

  • Driving Change with Patient and Family Advisory Councils

  • Essential CAHPS Updates for Hospital Leaders

  • Stepwise Approach to Improve Patient Experience, Including Transparency: A Medical Practice Journey

  • Developing Resiliency through Action Planning Readiness

  • Self-Improvement Techniques to Improve Nurse Engagement and the Patient Experience in the Emergency Department

  • Physician Communication Training Improves Patient Satisfaction, Empathy and Burnout

  • Employing Lean Methods to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • Giving Back to the Community and its Influence on the Patient Experience

>Wednesday, Nov. 2, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

  • A Simple Tool to Build Deeper Patient Connections: G.R.E.A.T.™

  • Leveraging Best Practices to Reverse EHR-Driven Decrease in Patient Experience

  • Press Ganey Update: Patient Experience

  • Improved Patient Experiences Start with Improved Caregiver Experiences

  • Achieving Consistent Patient Experiences in a Multi-Hospital System

  • Initiating and Sustaining a Patient Experience Program at a Large, Multispecialty Group

  • Insights from Other Industries: The Continuing Journey to Highly Reliable Care

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • Using Patients' Voices: Restructuring Practice Models to Improve the Patient Experience


Click the session title below for full description.

>Thursday, Nov. 3, 11:00 a.m. - Noon

  • Creating a Culture of Compassion

  • Igniting a Passion for Compassion through Empathy Training

  • Improving Patient Experience for Clinic Patients through Transparency, Teaching Empathy & Compassion

  • Leader Coaching and Development Strategies to Drive Employee Engagement

  • Building Compassion in Everyday Practice

  • Patient Experience Mapping: A Roadmap for Creating High Reliability in Ambulatory

  • Strategies to Increase Nurse Survey Response Rates During Organizational Change

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • Implementing Senior Leadership "Rounding" in a Home Care Setting

>Thursday, Nov. 3, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  • Communications Strategies to Positively Affect Patient Experience in an Ambulatory Care Setting

  • The Correlation between Empowered Consumers and Satisfied Patients

  • Creating a Successful Website and Appeal Process for Transparency

  • Achieving Caregiver Resilience

  • Stay Ahead, Know Your Meds: An Innovative Approach to Patient Education

  • MD to MD Coaching: What Works, What Doesn't

  • Correlations of Technology and Safety Burden on Patient Experience

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • Adapting Patient Experience Strategies to Enhance the Home Health Environment

>Thursday, Nov. 3, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

  • Interactive Empathy: Achieving Comfort, Professionalism and Respect

  • Sustaining a Culture of Exceptional Front Line Experience

  • High Impact: Deconstructing the Relationship between Patient Experience, Engagement and Safety

  • Addressing Caregiver Burnout through Wellness Programs and Engagement Strategies

  • Providing Holistic Care in Oncology to Support a Positive Patient Experience

  • Preventing Hospital Falls through Nurse and Patient Engagement

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • Physician Burnout: Why Improving Patient Experience Is the Answer

  • Beyond the Dashboard: Using Key Drivers to Engage Front-Line Teammates & Improve Patient Experience

>Thursday, Nov. 3, 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

  • Re-Engaging a Culture through a Systematic Approach to Leadership Development

  • Accelerating the Ambulatory Patient Experience through Clinical Engagement

  • Press Ganey Update: Caregiver Engagement

  • Patient Throughput Promotes Patient Experience in the Emergency Department

  • Focusing on What You Can Control to Improve Performance and the Patient Experience

  • Methods to Increase Safety through Nursing Bedside Shift Reporting

  • Press Ganey Patient Experience Reporting Features Everyone Should Use

  • A Primary Palliative Care Intervention: Facilitating Goals of Care Conversations Across Settings

  • Consumerism in Health Care: Current and Future Implications


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>Friday, Nov. 4, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

  • Using Point of Care Real-Time Surveying Across a Large System

  • Segmentation Insights to Drive Patient-Centered Care and Performance

  • Our Patient Experience Transparency Journey

  • Collaborative Caregiver Engagement Strategies to Improve Results

  • Transforming White Boards into Communication Boards

  • Green Belt Solutions to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in Intensive Care Units

  • Understanding Your Press Ganey Patient Experience, Employee and Physician Data and Leveraging Improvement Resources

  • Improving Physician-Patient Communication Through an Inpatient Physician Coaching Program

>Friday, Nov. 4, 11:00 a.m. – Noon

  • Coming Together to Improve the Patient Experience across a Complex Health System

  • Creating a Family-Centered Experience through Survey Comment Transparency

  • Hourly Rounding: Creating the Foundation for Lasting Change and Successful Outcomes

  • Engaging Front-line Care Teams to Improve Patient Experiences

  • Leveraging Leadership Rounding to Improve the Patient Experience

  • Improving the Patient Experience and Nursing Sensitive Indicators through a Bundled Approach

  • CURO Conversations: Enhancing Patient Relationships through Effective Communication

  • Press Ganey Update: Nursing Performance and Clinical Quality

>Friday, Nov. 4, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

  • Improving the NICU Patient Experience by Empowering Families

  • Lowering the Volume, Increasing the Scores: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

  • Preparing for MIPS: CAHPS Updates for Medical Group Leaders

  • Activating Physician Culture with Physician Coaching on Relationship-Centered Care

  • Significant Increase: An Introduction to the Statistics of Patient Experience

  • Identifying Strengths in Organizational Culture to Improve the Patient Experience

  • Hiring and Coaching Strategies for Improved Employee and Patient Engagement

  • High Intensity High Reliability: Safety at the Sharp End