Process and Performance Improvement

Improve Efficiency, Quality, Consistency and Organizational Processes

Building efficient processes, protocols and behaviors are foundational to the delivery of safe, cost-effective and exceptional patient experiences. Achieving consistent performance, eliminating wasteful processes and truly transforming culture takes time, dedication – and a clear direction. 

Now, with more than 30 experts from Soyring Consulting, Press Ganey partners with leaders to assess and develop executive, management and front line staff capabilities and process to achieve organizational alignment, high performance, high reliability and continuous improvement. Our experts help make the right work easier for care providers by removing waste and inefficiencies from existing and emerging processes to deliver a safe, cost-effective, efficient and accessible patient experience throughout the continuum of care. With a proven method and time-tested tools, Soyring Consulting experts deliver measurable results with an average 5:1 return on investment, up to 25% in increased capacity, and a proven capability to help drive hospitals to zero hospital acquired conditions. 


  • Wasteful and inefficient processes/systems impact connections of care, create variation, negatively impact quality and the patient experience while inflating costs.

  • Process waste creates overburdened care givers resulting in unengaged and frustrated workforces.

  • Inconsistent practices and lack of coordination between medical staff leads to a disengaged workforce.

  • Processes, systems and physical environments are poorly designed, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of care providers.

  • Organizations experience trouble sustaining improvement initiatives beyond their initial implementation phase.

The Process

Press Ganey Process and Performance Improvement solutions consider all key components of process to develop and engage all levels of the organization and build efficient, effective and sustainable improvement. Our approach:

  • Leverages elements from Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen, our experts meet you where you are to ensure alignment of goals, processes, and behaviors across the organization.

  • Transforms organizational capability into an army of problem solvers and process improvement specialists through effective use of training & leadership strategy. Our experts help make the right work easier for care providers, thus reducing caregiver suffering.

  • Incorporates rules of process design to provide methodologies and systems that develop reliable and patient-centric activities, connections, pathways and improvement processes.

  • Assesses the operation of major service lines and departments to identify problems and recommend courses of action, while building a culture of problem solving.

Targeted Solutions for Sustained Improvement

Press Ganey Process and Performance Improvement Consulting solutions develop aligned and continuous improvement that deliver safe, cost-effective and efficient patient care and center around these key areas:

  • Performance and Operational Solutions
    Includes targeted process, operational, staffing and quality assessments of major service lines and departments to identify problems and opportunities, recommend courses of action and assist in implementation to optimize quality and efficiency.

  • Physical Environment & Human Factors Solutions
    Provides methodologies and systems to influence design of physical environment and facility space for a safe, efficient and a positive patient experience,

  • Training & Development
    Equips organizations for long-term sustainability, including interim management, lean, six sigma, management systems and leadership coaching - along with data and metrics.

  • Strategy Planning & Deployment
    Assist in developing short- and long-term growth with evaluation, development and deployment of strategy, from the c-suite to the front lines, with metrics to track and maximize performance to goals.

  • Performance Improvement Transformations
    Assesses all relevant areas of an organization to identify organizational effectiveness, opportunities and optimal solutions specific to process, quality and continuous improvement maturity.

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