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  • A Lifesaving "I Will" Pledge

    Added on Nov 24, 2015

  • The "I" in Teamwork

    Added on Nov 17, 2015

    By Diana Mahoney, Editorial Director.

  • A Risky Gamble

    Added on Oct 1, 2015

    As online reporting of patient experience data gains momentum, some health systems may unintentionally be gambling with their brand by adopting reporting methodologies that undermine the ethics of transparency.

  • The Results are In: Patient Experience Linked to Surgical Outcomes

    Added on Sep 28, 2015

    By Dr. James Merlino, President, CMO, Consulting Services, Press Ganey.

  • What's Humility Got to Do with It?

    Added on Sep 25, 2015

    The lexicon of health care is changing. Where health systems used to talk about maximizing volume, they now talk about optimizing value. Decisions that were once made primarily by physicians are now made by teams, and physician-centered cultures have been replaced with those centered around patients.

  • Not All Stars are Created Equal

    Added on Sep 1, 2015

    At its core, transparency of patient experience data empowers consumers to make informed decisions about where to seek care and from whom. It also raises provider awareness of performance gaps, informs improvement strategies and promotes physician accountability.

  • Who Owns Transparency?

    Added on Jul 20, 2015

    In this era of rising health care consumerism, transparency is often approached as a marketing initiative designed to satisfy patients’ increasing desire to curate their own health care experience and to manage an organization’s online reputation.

  • Quality Measurement Landscape to Change under “Doc Fix” Law

    Added on Apr 16, 2015

    By Marie Castelli, MPH, Director of Government Affairs & Health Policy