A Spark Ignited Nearly Three Decades Ago

In the late 1970s, Dr. Irwin Press, PhD, posed a seemingly simple question to his medical anthropology students at the University of Notre Dame that would forever change the patient experience. Press asked if the way cultures around the globe treat health, illness and healing had any relevance to contemporary medicine.

Dr. Press, who would soon co-found Press Ganey Associates, Inc., ignited a spark within himself and health care that would quickly turn into an intense passion for understanding the modern patient’s experience. Dr. Press became known as the leading expert within the patient satisfaction field, delivering numerous lectures and presentations on the correlation between risk management and how understanding patients’ social, cultural and emotional needs, as well as their clinical needs, could prevent claims. 

By 1984, patient satisfaction was top of mind for many hospital administrators – yet, they did not have a way to systematically and scientifically measure it, nor improve it. That’s when passion met substance: Dr. Press understood the importance of survey methodology when establishing a patient satisfaction program and his interest blossomed into a unique idea. By early 1985, he had developed a survey that would measure patient satisfaction as a means to improve performance. To fulfill his mission to help improve health care, Dr. Press needed a knowledgeable partner with expertise in statistics and survey methodology. He found that partner in Dr. Rod Ganey, PhD.

Together, they founded Press Ganey Associates — and success has followed them and their vision ever since.

building on a strong foundation

Since the company’s founding in 1985, both subjective experience and objective research have shown that the patient experience does not occur in a vacuum. Organizations that provide positive patient experiences also are more likely to have positive clinical and financial outcomes. That’s why health care executives must align all aspects of the organization to manage and improve performance. And that’s why our solutions are designed to help health care organizations improve quality, increase market share, operate efficiently and optimize reimbursement.

Building on our strength in patient satisfaction, we grew by helping more health care organizations improve in more ways: we expanded our scope to include care settings beyond the inpatient setting and created solutions to capture the voices of clinicians, employees, and community stakeholders. We built a complement of robust tools and services like benchmarking, consulting, reporting and data analytics to allow organizations to determine how well they were performing and the best ways to improve. And, we introduced solutions to help clients manage and improve clinical processes and patient safety.

pioneering new paths to improvement

Today, Press Ganey continues to lead the patient experience industry. While remaining faithful to our founders’ mission, we continue to introduce innovative solutions and services designed to propel health care organizations forward on their journey to improving the patient experience.

Nearly three decades ago, Press Ganey brought an unprecedented level of scientific rigor and understanding to the patient satisfaction industry. Now, we are again transforming health care as we redefine the patient experience and forge the path to allow the voice of every patient to be heard. Our integrated suite of solutions provides deeper data, advanced analytics, and strategic advisory and consulting services that deliver more powerful insights.

Yesterday, we were helping clients improve the delivery of care. Today, we are helping clients drive targeted performance improvement and transform the patient experience. 

Stick around and see what tomorrow will bring.










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Press Ganey's patient satisfaction improvement and patient experience improvement solutions drive targeted healthcare performance improvement for providers across the continuum, including hospitals, medical practices and ambulatory care settings. Press Ganey's clinicians, behavioral scientists and statisticians use advanced healthcare analytics and a deep database of healthcare benchmarks to reveal opportunities that enhance patient care, improve outcomes and control costs. To drive hospital quality improvement, Press Ganey focuses on understanding the perspectives of internal stakeholders, measuring employee engagement, physician engagement and patient engagement, and capturing the voice of the patient to help prioritize improvement efforts.